FEL GROUP 19 March 2020

COVID-19 is a serious and evolving situation.

 Fel Group being Fel Fabrication (Fryco) and Fel Street Furniture NZ immediately enacted and will continue to follow any future NZ government and MOH guidelines to mitigate any transmission risks.

Further to this this we have implemented additional hygiene risk mitigation for operational equipment, vehicles and our out bound staff. Inbound visitors are catered for and are expected to follow MOH guidelines.

Operationally 90% + of our inbound supplied material is sourced NZ domestically, we have not been advised of any inbound supply interruptions.

Currently our production for Fabrication and Street capacity is un-interrupted.

Historically our sales teams are well versed in using voice and electronic mediums to support our customer base and interactions will be continued in this manner.

These are indeed unusual and challenging times, the Fel team will strive to undertake actions that supporting flattening the transmission curve to reduce transmission rates.

Our operational status will be updated for any changes.


Peter Goodwin