CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a part of Fel. Group’s corporate business strategy. We are committed to being a socially responsible company. Our attention to this is not in conflict with the need to be a successful business.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Our CSR Objective: As part of our CSR policy, Fel. Group is committed to implementing at least one initiative per year that either/or:
• promotes health
• benefits the community
• benefits the environment
Fel. Group has a CSR champion to facilitate these objectives.
Environmental Responsibility
Fel. Group also has a specific environmental policy as part of the CSR policy.
Guiding Principles
In the interest of the above, Fel. Group is guided by the following principles:
a. We will ensure we meet all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and contractual obligations. We will comply with all applicable codes of practice, regulatory controls and client or insurance requirements.
b. In addition, we will seek to exceed statutory requirements by implementing actions to protect the environment, minimise waste of renewable and non-renewable resources and reduce energy consumption as part of a continuous improvement programme for the company.
c. We will consider the social implications when making changes in products, processes, materials and facilities and whenever business decisions are made. Consideration will be given to the prevention of pollution and the elimination of waste and emissions at source. We undertake to minimise practically avoidable pollution that may be caused by our activities, to use energy and natural resources efficiently and to reduce consumption where possible, to minimise the generation of waste and to dispose of unavoidable waste in a responsible manner.
d. We will set, implement and review realistic and achievable objectives and targets to meet our environmental goal. We will set continuous improvement targets as part of the EMS process, based on reviews and other relevant factors. Reviews will be undertaken to set targets for subsequent periods and to identify our progress towards the following targets:
• Energy efficiency
• Waste management
e. Being socially responsible is the responsibility of everyone. We will periodically provide information and educational material about general environmental, health and community issues to everybody working for or on behalf of the company.
f. Staff are encouraged to comply with and contribute to our social responsibility policy.
g. This policy shall be publicised to all employees and to any other interested parties, by being displayed within the company and on the company website.