Fryco Manufacturing traces its roots back to 1978 when Laurie & Dennis Medforth and their partner bought an engineering company then called Fryco Products Limited which originally began life in the 1950's.

The company name was changed to Fryco Engineering Limited and they quickly developed a strong reputation as a trusted company with a core philosophy of high standards and excellent quality.

Laurie's sons Peter and Stephen Medforth started working for the company and eventually took over in 1993. They advanced the company by investing in the latest and highest quality equipment, expanding the company's capabilities, expanding the product divisions and partnering with Colin Mason in 2006 under the corporate name of fel. Group Limited.

Today the division is known as Fryco Manufacturing and it is still a core component of fel. Group Limited. Fryco continues to innovate and provide high quality products to our loyal customers.